AKA: 80% of my life and free time...



Jazz: A goofy drawing of my girlfriend's adorable fursona!!

Fanta: My Umbreon pok├ęsona, Fanta, standing in a body of water. This piece has a lot of meaning to me.

Nuke: My fur/persona, Nuke, in distress. This was drawn as vent art. I'm okay! >_<

Soul: A drawing of a furre version of Soul Evans, from Soul Eater. I think he's COOL. :3


Fanta and Jazzpeon: A drawing for my girlfriend, of our pok├ęsonas together. S2

Crona: Crona (and, by extension, Ragnarok) from Soul Eater, in goth fashion.

Me: Silly little self-portrait.

Crona: A study/screenshot redraw of Crona.

Inna: One of my fursonas (and by extension, a Portal OC), Innatentive Core.

Blair: Blair, from Soul Eater. I think she's cute in her cat form. ^_^

Bloody: One of my fursonas, Bloodbath!


Maka: Maka Albarn, from SE.

Spirit and Stein: Furry renditions of Spirit Albarn and Franken Stein from Soul Eater, with lyrics to SLOTHRUST's "Happy Together". I think they have chemistry.

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