About the WEBMASTER...

NAME: Grigori, Reggie
A.K.A: Grigori, Reggie
AGE: 15, 30/4/05
PRONOUNS: She/Her, He/Him, Zie/Zir

Hailing from somewhere in South America, this nerdy, emo butch has a passion for video games, old internet (1990-2013), and various forms of creating.

Although not particularly proficient in any of these hobbies, zir goal just seems to be to have as much fun as possible, and to cultivate a somewhat comfortable envirorment in the World Wide Web.

art by my wonderful girlfriend, sparklefur!

alright.. i can drop the formal Proper Grammar schtick now. welcome to my shithole!

i'm grigori, reggie, evilform, madnessofblackblood.. whatever ya wanna call me. i'm not too picky.
i'm a (not so) sweet 'ol gal from somewhere in brazil who grew up 'round old youtube and internet forums. though i can barely remember most of them, i still hold the web design and communities of old near and dear to my heart.

i've been making my own little websites in neocities since 2018, the first few very, very disappointing in design and code quality, but i only really started to take it SOMEWHAT seriously this year.

i know, i know, i'm not by any means GOOD at it (i mean, my entire website renders in quirks mode), but really i'm just here to have fun. loosen up a little. oh, and no matter what you do, don't run my site through an html validator. it'll scare you.

what are your interests?

at the time of writing this, i'm hyperfixating on SOUL EATER.

my other relevant interests include friday night funkin', warrior cats, VALVe games (tf2, half-life and portal specifically), sparkle/gloomdogs, coding in html, looking at funny images, writing articles about early 2000s anime no one cares about anymore, having crushes on anime women and loving my girlfriend.

i also cyberhoard, but that's less of an interest and more just related to my untreated OCD.

where can you be contacted?


all jokes aside, i'm a pretty reserved guy, but you can shoot me an ask at my tumblr.com.

what do you look like?


evilform is a fucking webmaster. 2020-2021